Celtics And Thomas Struggle In Playoff Opener

This Sunday, the #1 seeded Celtics took the court against the #8 seeded Bulls. Isaiah Thomas, starting point guard of the Celtics, made a game-time decision to play in the playoff-opener. This comes to the surprise of many, as just yesterday, Thomas’ sister, Chyna Thomas, died in a car accident. It was a tough game emotionally for those involved. The Celtics would eventually fall to the Bulls with a final score of 106-102. This loss did not, however, deter fans from both sides from praising and praying for Isaiah Thomas and his family.

Most were supportive.

A few were less friendly, and more competitive.

As always the Boston fans showed their game-day spirit.

And some fans were more analytical.

While some were for the celtics, and some were against, there was an underlying theme of appreciate of Thomas’ tragedy and outstanding bravery. While some fans chose to smack-talk the celtics, it was pretty clear to all that the 5’9 point guard, has a heart and strength of a giant.


Petty Meme Team Success


  • 500 Views on Imgur. (finished with 1030)
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Twitter Web Card

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The twitter sponsored ads worked wonders. Since I believed my target audience to be similar to myself, I chose similar interests. Music (hip-hop, rap, pop), sports, and comedy. I tried to incorporate several hashtags in each post, and to encourage retweeting. I included hashtags like #Meme #Comedy #Lol and #Petty. I spent 71 cents a day over the stretch of 4/5/2017 to 4/10/17. the total spend was $5.


  • Engagement

The total number of views received on imager was 1030. the total number of impressions on twitter was 599. I interestingly made a second post later to Imgur from an account and shared it with the community, and it quickly racked up 358 views.

How has social media changed you?

Social Media has become as intrinsic to modern American life as Football and Apple Pie. In all honesty, social media has changed me for the worse. I am embarrassed to even think about the amount of time I spend bouncing from one social media forum to the next. I believe that despite how much social media brings us together, it really takes away from your greatest relationships. Sure I am able to stay connected with friends from camp I haven’t seen in years. And yes I can tweet at celebrities and have my opinion seen by hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people worldwide. But what I have lost is some of the authenticity of closer relationships. Everyone in my family sits at the dinner table with a hand on their phone, scrolling down some app liking photos or tweets or statuses. But we don’t talk like we used too. Smartphones and social media have enabled us to skip the small talk; no longer must we converse with those in our immediate radius, cause we can talk to anyone anywhere. With less conversation in-person, those genuine loving relationships between family members and close friends suffer. We have evolved to communicate so much and with so many people that somehow we now fail to communicate with those closest to us.

When I was in 5th grade I received my first phone. It was a flip phone with a mediocre camera and a battery that lasted 3+ days. In order to text I had to press each button several time to get the letter I wanted. There were no apps; there were no high-definition cameras or Snapchats. If you opened the Internet app you immediately rushed to shut it down so your family didn’t receive any abstract charges. A phone was just that; a phone. I miss those times when your phone was a tool and not a toy. A device and not a distraction. I challenge you to disable all your social media accounts for 24 hours, and enjoy the life that is in front of you.

See if the real world isn’t just as sweet.